About Us

My Story:

It wasn’t easy transitioning from a young mother to a single mother. I lost someone so special to me which ended up forming a deep hole into depression. I battled with it for several years until one day God sent an angel to speak to me. From that moment on, I knew I couldn’t continue letting the enemy take advantage of me any longer.  I re-dedicated my life back to Christ. God reminded me that there were another set of eyes watching my every move. My daughter, she’s my everything. My motivation for B3 the Light. I wanted to create a brand filled with inspiration, empowerment and encouragement on t-shirts. Today’s society, especially social media and television, can box us into a certain standard of what beauty should look like, force certain timelines because of our age, when we should get married, have children, careers etc. I wanted to create a brand as a reminder of God’s enduring love, grace and power. I wanted to design a line where l can push people to that cultivating place to pursue God like never before. A brand that will reinforce and cast down the standards of this world with God's living word. A reminder that there were no mistakes when God specifically hand - crafted you into his own image. His timing is perfect. I want you to feel exactly what you are wearing, walk in boldness, confidence and take full authority.

"When we truly comprehend our worth in Christ, it reflects our walk. We become unstoppable, unshakeable, distinguished and unique."